Get Your Partial Dentures in Morphett Vale

There are two types of dentures available; a partial denture, suitable for those who have may be missing a only few teeth; and full dentures, for use when many teeth have been lost or decayed. A denture can improve both speech and the ability to chew, and offers support for facial muscles. It can also greatly improve your appearance. 

Some people struggle with the decision to get dentures. After all, dentures can change your life completely. At Natural Denture Clinic, we can custom design your dentures to give you the smile you want. You can even meet with our dental technician one-on-one to discuss all your concerns, so you can enjoy a comfortable transition to your new dentures in South Adelaide.

Dentures We Offer

Every person has a unique mouth, so we work to provide dentures that meet your needs and look just like your natural smile. We offer the following types of dentures:

  • Partial Dentures: Sometimes, setting a tooth in an irregular way makes partial dentures look more natural; friends and family members may not even notice you're wearing dentures! Partial dentures use silver wires, but we can cover the wires with a tooth-coloured material to match your existing teeth.
  • Complete Dentures: After you meet with dental technician, Derek Juers, he will create dentures that fit your natural teeth colour, shape and position. For the few weeks after you get your new dentures, you can return to our clinic for adjustments to make your dentures as comfortable as possible.
  • Implant Overdentures:  If you'd like to place your dentures over your remaining teeth or dental implants, ask Derek about implant overdentures. Your root or implant will provide great support for your new dentures.

What Happens at a Consultation

When you arrive for a consultation, Derek will listen to your concerns and questions. It helps if you bring in a picture of yourself with your original teeth, so that Derek can match the dentures to a natural look and shape for you.

Derek matches your dentures to your skin tone, mouth shape and gum lining. He sets the teeth to reflect the light at different angles so you don't get the uniform "piano" look. He also contours the denture base to achieve the same effect, so you don't see a flat pink section about your teeth.

In short, Derek works with you to create dentures as close to your natural teeth as possible.

Living in Morphett Vale, Christies Beach, Aldinga, Hackam, Woodcroft and looking for a local dental technician? Ready for new dentures? Set a consultation today! Call us at (08) 8384-6495 or send an enquiry.