Denture Repairs in Morphett Vale

You rely on your dentures every day, so you shouldn't have to live with broken, uncomfortable dentures. Come in to Natural Denture Clinic for denture repairs in South Adelaide; repairs usually take just an hour.

Get Repairs that Last

Derek Juers, our qualified dental technician and prosthetist, has worked at Natural Denture Clinic for 16 years. Over the years, he has completed a wide variety of denture repairs. His work has restored comfort and durability to hundreds of dentures.

Derek does most of the repairs in-house, so you don't have to wait for days for your completed dentures to return. In most cases, Derek can repair your dentures in an hour, so you can walk out with a fully functioning smile in little time.

Find Comfort with Liners

Even if your dentures don't need repair, you may still experience discomfort and pain from a sore jaw. To help your dentures fit more comfortably, Derek provides denture liners made of soft resilient material. These liners ease discomfort by cushioning troublesome areas.

Derek can apply the liners at any time, whether you have new dentures or you've worn them for years. If your liners stop fitting comfortably for any reason, bring your dentures in for a same-day reline.

Call Today for Quick, Easy Denture Repair

Our family establishment offers comprehensive denture repair. With your improved dentures, you can smile, eat and talk with ease once again.

Many people have difficulty switching to dentures. That's why Derek meets with you one-on-one to understand all your personal needs and concerns before repairing your dentures.

Schedule a no-obligation consultation today for your denture repairs in South Adelaide. Just a short 10 minutes drive from Morphett Vale. Call today at (08) 8384 6495, stop by our office at 15 Gawler St in Port Noarlunga or send us an enquiry.